20 Stunning Kitchen Countertop Ideas

In terms of kitchen design, there’s one thing that homeowners choose to think about more than any other: their countertops. Sure enough, a kitchen’s countertops go a long way toward determining the style and feel of that space. In fact, what you select for a countertop could become the very epicenter of your kitchen’s design overall.

It’s for this reason that we’re going to take a look at 20 stunning kitchen countertop ideas. So, if you’ve been thinking about giving your kitchen a facelift, check out these amazing ideas!

  1. Detailed Edges

The detailed edges of the countertop on the center island in this kitchen really complement the luxurious feel of the space.

A luxury kitchen in an expensive estate home
A luxury kitchen in an expensive estate home
  1. Backsplash

Note how this kitchen features a backsplash that perfectly meshes with the countertop choice.


3. Wood Countertops

In a kitchen that’s feature a rustic aesthetic, a wood countertop for the center island can work wonders.



  1. Grey and White

Here you have grey-and-white granite countertops that perfectly mesh with the distressed look of the hardwood floors.



  1. Marble and White

When you’re really looking for that luxurious look, there’s no better combination than white cabinets with white marble.



  1. White Quartz

Check out the striking look of the white quartz countertops with the dark cabinetry in this kitchen.


  1. Two Tone

Here you have a center island featuring a different countertop material than the main counters.



  1. White Kitchens

White on white can get a little boring in a kitchen, which is why the detailed edges of these countertops work wonders.


  1. Cheerful

Check out how cheerful this kitchen looks, with its combination of yellow contemporary cabinets and austere white countertops.


  1. Subway Tile

White countertops can work particularly well in kitchens that feature off-color subway title backsplashes.


  1. Center Brightness

The choice of a brighter countertop material for the center island in this kitchen is smart, as it creates a visual focal point for the space.


  1. Soapstone

One material that can always work wonders for a kitchen’s center island is soapstone. It just feels so luxurious!


  1. Thickness

Note how the thickness of the granite countertops in this kitchen gives the space a visual heftiness.


  1. Wood Columns

The dark countertops used in this kitchen design are the perfect complement to the wood columns at its center.


  1. Farmhouse Sink

With the dark soapstone countertops, the farmhouse sink is just the thing to break things up visually.




  1. Visual Lines

The grooves in the side of the beautiful granite countertops in this kitchen really add something to the space.


  1. Rounded Edge

A center island with a rounded countertop edge like this just screams entertaining!


  1. Tile Countertops

They’re a little impractical, but there’s no denying that tile countertops have a truly unique look.


  1. Concrete

For something that feels both luscious and contemporary, high-gloss concrete can be beautiful.


  1. Make it Your Own

There’s so much you can do with your kitchen countertops; just make sure that whatever you do is decidedly your own.


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